What are Swiperstrips?                                    

Swiperstrips™ are a simple, unique new product specially designed to eliminate the build-up, and reforming, of snow & ice that accumulates on your wiper blades causing the smearing, blinding and dangerous visibility problems every one of us experience when driving in winter weather conditions.


Let’s be clear….Swiperstrips™ are not windshield wipers, nor are they a liquid window treatment either. Instead, they’re a product that makes every vehicle's existing windshield wipers work better; whether they're factory original blades, mid-priced aftermarket replacement blades or even the most expensive winter replacement blades. Think of Swiperstrips as "wipers for your wipers," allowing them do a better job and insuring that your windshield is clearer so you see better in snowy and icy winter conditions.


HOW DO THEY WORK?                                

Swiperstrips™ are applied to the outside of your windshield, about 2" to 3" above the point where your wipers come to rest, when they are OFF. They are completely out of the driver’s field of vision and can’t even be seen from the inside of most vehicles. Once Swiperstrips™ have been applied, when your wipers are in use, they roll over the strips in both directions knocking off any snow and ice that normally accumulates on the wiper blades, and keeps it       from reforming. This eliminates the dangerous smearing we’ve all experienced.



Made from a proprietary and technologically advanced compound, Swiperstrips™ do not harden when exposed to the freezing temperatures or frozen precipitation. They remain soft and pliable, and stay in place; even in the wettest and coldest conditions. Our patent pending, angled edge & Duo-Crown™ profile possesses four uniquely compressible, full length ridges that insure effective and complete contact along the entire length of the windshield wiper blades as they move up, down, and side to side with every passing swipe. Swiperstrips™ other patent pending features include our unique Performance Suction™ concave base, for better adhesion to any windshield surface and our U-Safe™ u-shaped center channel that forces away precipitation to the sides. In addition, we use a specially formulated marine adhesive insuring a season-long bond, even in the coldest and wettest conditions.


Without the snow and ice sticking to your wiper blades, you'll avoid the smearing on your windshield that makes it hard to see. That means NO MORE stopping on the side of the road or pulling off the interstate to get out of your car to clean off your windshield or wiper blades. It means NO MORE trying to reach out your side window to grab the wipers and bang them against the windshield in order to break off the accumulated snow, sleet, slush or ice. Best of all, it means you, your family and all your employees will stay safer as we attempt to "Simply Save Lives." Watch the video below and see how well Swiperstrips work.