Our customers give us great feedback and incredible reviews because Swiperstrips™ work so well for them, their families and their employees. Whether it's the simplicity of our design, the quality materials we use or the incredible and uncompromising performance that Swiperstrips deliver, customers from nearly every industry have said the same thing......"Swiperstrips are so easy to put on your vehicle, work incredibly well and allow us to see so much better while we drive during winter weather." 

Here's what other customers, from several different industries, have said about Swiperstrips

"Swiperstrips can really save us money. If they help our drivers avoid accidents or delays, due to poor visibility, that can save us tens of thousands of dollars"

--Tom Cronin (CEO - Dayton Freight)

"I make my living driving clients around and showing them property. If I can't see, it's dangerous for me and for them. I've even had situations where I was forced to pull over in unsafe areas to clean off my windshield wipers. I won't ever do that again. These Swiperstrips have made a huge difference for me."

--Karen Ollier (President - Limovan, Inc.) 

"Safety concerns are a huge corporate initiate for us so anything safety related gets our attention. Swiperstrips are a huge step in the right direction towards fleet safety."

--Andy Meier (Safety Manager - ConEd)

"Our service department handles 100's of vehicles each week and, with Swiperstrips, we have increased our average ticket by $10. We offer Swiperstrips to every vehicle owner and nearly every one buys them because they're quick, simple and work so well."

--Brian Brown (Owner - Brown & Brown Chevrolet)

"We are here to service the public and when our maintenance trucks and snow plows can't due their jobs, we fail. Swiperstrips help our fleet drivers see in any winter conditions."

--Bob Baird (Mayor - City of Bellbrook)

"Infiniti's vehicles lead the way in consumer safety. Swiperstrips add to that safety element. Since we invest a lot in our customers, we could think of no better way to say thanks, then by making Swiperstrips available to them at every one of our dealerships."

--Scott Evans (General Manager - Infiniti of Dayton)

"Why is it that so many of the best ideas are so simple? Why didn't I think of this? Swiperstrips solve a huge problem for all our drivers and they work very well."

--Tim Prugh (GM - CVC Converters)

"As a salesperson, I'm forced to be on the road several days a week. I can't tell you how many times I've had near misses due to snow and ice built up on my wipers. Swiperstrips solves that problem and makes driving in a winter mess, much easier."

--Tim Kenner (President - InTandem Marketing)