Why Buy Swiperstrips? 

If you have to drive in winter weather, like so many of us, then you've, obviously, experienced the blinding, streaking and smearing, that occurs when your windshield wipers build up with snow and ice. It's unavoidable, regardless of how good your wiper blades are, because it's not a function of your wipers. Instead, it's because the snow and ice are pushed to the sides and bottom of the windshield, and the outside temperature doesn't allow it to melt. So, it sits on the cold windshield glass and reattaches itself to the wiper blades, hardening them and causing the smearing we've all experienced. Not anymore!

We'd bet you've even tried to roll down your side window to reach around and grab your wiper to smack it against the windshield hoping to break off that accumulated snow and ice. That's dangerous, but it's something all of us can clearly picture, because we've all done it so many times. Using Swiperstrips means never having to do this again.

We knew there had to be a better, safer way. That's why we've created Swiperstrips; an affordable, simple solution that constantly removes that build-up on your wipers and keeps it from reforming. Applied correctly, Swiperstrips will stay in place all winter long and work with unprecedented performance making EVERY windshield wiper work better. Click in the center of the video box below and see the difference it makes with and without Swiperstrips.